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"Supergas” is Israel’s leading gas distribution company. Established in 1953, the company specializes in designing gas operating systems, and providing solutions for variety of sectors: residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors. While constantly adapting to changes in technology, quality and safety – Supergas supplies for 500,000 customers and has been the exclusive gas supplier of Israel’s security forces for many years.

In order to ensure safe and constant gas supply, Supergas operates hundreds of trained professional technicians and operates a variety of logistic and storage facilities across the country. Supergas has been certified with OHSAS 18001 safety standard and ISO 9001:2015 certification for all its activities.

Supergas guarantees a continuous and credible supply service all year round, by importing large amounts of gas, storing it in its Ashkelon & Haifa facilities, and operating dozens of bulk trucks that are bringing the gas to the end customers. Supergas has a vast coverage of branch offices all over the country, and operates a customer service call center 24/7.

“Supergas Natural” is the company’s natural gas subsidiary, it offers natural gas and overall engineered solutions for transforming existing energy systems into natural gas with the additional services of handling regulations and engineering issues.

"Supergas Natural" is a marketing company, providing natural gas for dozens of factories and also brings a unique solution for factories that are not connected to the pipeline yet. This solution is providing these factories with the natural gas through a vast fleet of sophisticated semi-trailers that brings them CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) from Supergas's one of a kind factory, located in Alon Tavor.


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