Supergas is one of Israel’s largest and leading gas distribution companies. The company has 500,000 private, industrial and business clients throughout the country receiving regular and professional services. Established in 1953 and acquired by Sonol in 1975, the company has been jointly held by Sonol and the Azrieli Group’s Granite Hacarmel Investments since 1981. The company is the exclusive supplier of gas and services to the security forces and has clients in the business, industrial and agricultural sectors, private customers, organizations and institutions.

Service above All Else

Supergas sees its customers as the core of its business activities, and to provide optimum service strives to improve and perfect a customer focused organization offering courteous, efficient and safe services. Supergas’ customer relations management systems are computerized and are considered the Israeli leader, enabling service representatives to obtain maximum information when handling customers and provide the most reliable and assured responses while monitoring developments. The company’s most advanced operations systems facilitate the optimum allocation of engineers, technicians and professionals through a unique computerized network allowing control and real time updates from the field.

Company Structure

Supergas operates through branches in the main cities – Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem and agencies, some of them independent, throughout the country. The company’s management is in the Poleg Ind. Zone where a new service call center provides services to the large cities.

The company has two main logistical centers: a storage facility in Kiryat Ata, equipped with advanced weighing and filling systems containing gas. An additional gas installation is located at the Ramle Logistics Center, which includes a state-of-the-art workshop for checking and repairing gas equipment, quality control and a training center. This installation also serves as the distribution center for mobile gas containers in the Tel Aviv area.

Quality Standards

Supergas has ISO 9001:2000 certification for all its activities. The company is in the process of receiving the OHSAS 18001 safety standard, which will complement its current standards of quality and safety, and making Supergas a pioneer in Israel’s gas sector. The company is one of the only Israeli members of the World L.P. Gas Association

Products for the Private and Commercial Sector

Supergas distributes gas to private customers in mobile cylinders containing 12 and 48 kg. and through metered pipes. Gas is transported by a fleet of trailers, designed to carry mobile containers from the filling installation to region gas storage facilities. The trucks and containers are adapted for the task of transporting gas.

In addition, Supergas is the exclusive importer from Italy and markets in Israel Beretta’s home water heating systems and combined central heating systems. The company also markets Supergan, a mobile heater for gardens, cafes and restaurants.

The company has a department responsible for product support and ongoing service alongside its cutting edge service laboratory.

Products for the Industrial-Agricultural Sector

Supergas has a department dedicated to customers in the industrial and agricultural sectors. The company operates mobile service vehicles on call 24/7. Products for these sectors include all types of burners and radiators for heating, radiators for bakeries and carburetors.

Supergas leads in planning heating for chicken coups and greenhouses using infrared radiators made by the French company S.B.M. for which it has received prizes and awards. The company also imports gas-powered storage boilers made by an American manufacturer A.O. Smith and home gas meters made by Ricoh in Japan.


Supergas places at the customer’s service a technical engineering network including hundreds of qualified professionals including senior engineers, engineers and technicians
who provide consultancy and planning services and are skilled in finding solutions for the individual needs of each customer. All these professionals are equipped with the most advanced, computerized instrumentation. Supergas has insurance for up to $40 million per incident and is the only Israeli company with such a scale of coverage.

Protecting the Environment

Gas is considered a green energy source and enables factories to meet the strictest environmental standards while keeping air clean. Gas is found in almost every household for cooking, heating water and the home. Even though gas is a clean energy, Supergas meets the strictest environmental standards throughout the entire cycle of its activities. The company recently received an award for protecting the environment.

Additional Activities

Supergas recently acquired control in the Serbian company MDSE, which is engaged in developing, establishing and operating urban infrastructures for the distribution of low-pressure natural gas in Serbia. The company has rights to set up urban infrastructures in six Serbian cities.

Contributing to the Community

Supergas sees itself as part of the community and is committed to contributing in a range of ways in close cooperation with the community.